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Originators. Innovators. Never the Imitators.

In 1985, Multistack was founded together with the invention of Modular Chillers by Mr. Ron Conry in Australia. Fast forward to 1993, he established the a research group for the study of oil-free magnetic levitating centrifugal compressor, and the first experiment was then run-tested in Multistack in 1998. The following year the project was upgraded to an international project, and eventually became the product it was known today.

Today, Multistack has a global network of distributors. The revolutionary, effective and very compact Modular chiller is patented and sold worldwide. We believe in environmentally friendly and high efficiency products with great visual appeals and quality. Now available in Thailand, Multistack Thailand is the sole distributor of Multistack products with strong networks of distributors and after sales at your service.

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